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The moment you hear your man utter another woman’s name can incite a whole wave of emotions, but BELARO is ready to go through hell in order to hold on to her man on her new single “Scarlet.” 

A fiery disco-pop tune, “Scarlet” is both a warning and a plea. The song is a tribute to Dolly Parton’s classic “Jolene” as it shares a similar concept about a woman trying to steal someone else’s man. The pulsing production mirrors BELARO’s vexation for Scarlet while the lyrics resemble the young artist’s intuition, like “it’s clear to see you’re on his mind” and “Scarlet’s the name that he craves.” BELARO is handing out scarlet letters, and she has one saved for someone specific.

BELARO, a youthful talent behind the mic, is a soulful Spanish-American artist who is never afraid to take risks and to be different by taking the edgiest side of pop music and making it hers. A fresh blend of today’s top musical talents and of 70’s disco legends like Donna Summer, BELARO brings a brand new approach to a timeless sound.

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