Introducing: Belaro – Cheers

Breakups are never easy. No matter how strong or prepared you think you are, there’s always that one moment when it all comes crashing down. The pain, the emptiness, the loneliness. It feels like it’s beyond your ability to deal with.

If you’ve ever been through a messy breakup, then Belaro’s new song, Cheers, might be just what you need. The song is about being disappointed by love, but ultimately finding the strength to pick yourself up and move on.

Cheers has an easy-going vibe that makes you want to hit the dance floor and groove the night away. We can’t get enough of the soulful beat and catchy melody!

Belaro shines in this song. She layers her vocals beautifully, and she incorporates a lot of creative techniques that add depth and character to her performance. Belaro also stays consistent and hits all the notes precisely, regardless of how high or low they are. This is a skill that not many artists possess.

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